We make trading weapons


We are fighting for a new way of understanding crypto markets. We are fighting against the old fashioned way of trading.

Are you with us?

Welcome to your crypto armory!

If you trade in crypto, you need weapons for your daily struggle. You can decide to follow the crowd or be many steps ahead. It's your choice!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make visible what has been hidden. We search for answers in the wild, dark and deep data worlds.

And You know what?

We have all the data ready for you.

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The Crypto world

The world is changing, money evolves.

We believe in cryptocurrencies. Crypto is the greatest revolution of our time. It gives the power of money back to the people. It is the same people who create, maintain and secure the crypto world - all together. No banks. No politics. No middle man. Investors are the key element of this crypto world - the so-called "crypto traders". They are at the frontline, in the trenches. Dealing with all sorts of cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. They are the keepers, the advocates, the evangelists - they are the dreamers, like us.


CryptoWeather – our test project

It aims to help people understand the crypto markets. People consider the weather daily. Each morning we look out the window to see what the weather is like. Wouldn't it be great to do the same in the crypto world? Imagine all currencies represented as a world map. Each currency as a continent or a country with its specific climate. All these countries have different weather, even though some are interdependent. That's what our CryptoWeather platform is for. You can see right away what the weather is like in each country. Whether it is sunny, cloudy or there's a storm on the horizon.


Or simply google for: "crypto weather online"

Current project – deep history analysis

Ever noticed how people struggle when searching for the right patterns in graphs? They need to inspect every market and connect all the dots. But it's hard. Really hard. We bring you a visual, fully automated weapon that enables you to understand the whole crypto world in seconds. It's easily comprehensive even for the inexperienced traders. We strongly believe that crypto is a game-changer. We want to make you believe as well. That's why we bring you this product completely free of charge.

The answers are hidden in data.

The story it [the data] writes is the only real source.

How can you help?

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  • 3. Be a tester and work with us.
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